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  1. bar says:

    Here’s a video of part 1:

  2. Pete says:

    Here’s someone else doing The sabre form. Not sure who he is – perhaps you could enlighten us?


  3. bar says:

    It’s competition time, and according to Master Jin Ye, my taiji dao starts looking more like wushu as I try to fit the whole form into a 4 minute segment. So we talked about a modified form that I could more easily do in 4 minutes while maintaining a more taiji look.
    This is what we came up with:
    Section 1 and 2 remain the same.
    Section 3 miss out moves 51 – 54
    (51 退步缠头藏刀式 tuì bù chán tóu cáng dāo shì: step back, wind around the head and hide the sword
    52 上步卧鱼 shàng bù wò yú: step forward, crouch to fish
    53 遮膝藏刀式 zhē xī cáng dāo shì: hide the knee hide the sword
    54 迎面刺 yíng miàn cì: stab to the head)
    Section 4 unchanged.
    Section 5, go straight to move 82 换手右撩刀 huàn shǒu yòu liáo dāo: exchange hands, hold up sword on right
    Section 6 start with move 90 转环提 zhuǎn huán tí: turn the ring and lift and continue to the end.

  4. Pete says:

    Just read this on Michael Acton’s website http://www.wutaijiandqigong.co.uk, in regards to a two person, ‘dueling set’ involving the broadsword, along with other weapons, double edged sword, spear, etc.

    The full article is here (http://www.wutaijiandqigong.co.uk/article3.html), but under the tutorship of Li Li Qun, an indoor student of, Ma Yueh-liang, he has learnt a ‘dui dao’ set comprising of 16 repeated forms incorporating 7 key attack and defense strategies.

    I am curious if this is something that you are aware of, or have any experience of? Saying this, would Jin Ye be likewise aware of this dui dao set, and be in a position to teach it?

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