Jian 1. preparation form

1。预备式                yù bèi shì                   preparation form

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, parallel, toes pointing straight ahead, legs straight but not locked at the knees.     The body should be relaxed, the crown of the head should feel like it is being suspended by a thread from the sky.

Your arms should be hanging by the side of your body, your right hand in ‘sword fingers’ palm towards the side of your thigh.     The sword is in your left hand, handle pointing downward, your index and middle fingers pointing down the handle, the blade of the sword resting against the back of your arm so that the point of the sword is pointing upward behind your shoulder.     The left hand and arm should be turned out slightly (clockwise) so that the blade does not cut into your back.
Raise your right hand and arm out in front of your body to shoulder height keeping your arm straight (but not locked at the elbow), your fingers pointing forward, turning your hand and arm so that your palm is facing downward by the time it has reached shoulder level.

Sink your R elbow towards your body, your R fingers staying at shoulder height and therefore nearing your R shoulder.

Straighten your arm downwards, so that your arm is hanging by your side but flex your wrist to that your sword fingers point forward and your palm faces the ground.

Movement 1
Preparation form